Hoax is here!

Hoax is out now!


Someone tried to kill Kayli Winchester. That someone is going to pay.

After going overboard and nearly drowning, Kayli regroups and joins Axel, Corey, Brandon, Marc, and Raven back on board the Lucienda. This time, she’s brought reinforcements. Liam and Henry join the team in an all-out hunt for a killer. It can’t be too hard; there’s only so many places to hide on a cruise ship. But the number of suspects is climbing.

Tensions are high, and everyone is on alert, but along the way, there’s way too many distractions—very hot distractions. Kayli’s done hiding her feelings. She’s showing her hand, come what may. She’s never held back before she met this team—why start now?

But when one of their team members disappears, all clues point to mutiny. Is the team going to fracture because of her? Did someone throw her overboard because of jealousy?

Kayli refuses to believe it, but she’ll have to provide proof before the murderer finds out she’s still alive and comes back to complete the job.

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Meeting Sang, New Bundle, and First Days Audio

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted–I’ve been in the writing cave working on Hoax. I don’t have a release date for that just yet, but will announce in the newsletter the second I do.

C. L. Stone Presents - First DaysThat said, there has been a lot of other stuff happening behind the scenes. First Days is out in audio for those of you who love to listen to your books. Chris and Holly did a great job with this second recording, bringing the characters to life. There’s a sample on the audio pageGhostBird2Cover 2 so you can check it out.

I’ve released the second Ghost Bird Bundle so those who are new to my books can get early books in the series at a reduced cost as they catch up. This bundle includes books 5 – 8 as well as Touch of Mischief–the Halloween short story that takes place in House of Korba.

Victor1 - CopyMaybe the biggest news of all: Meeting Sang: VICTOR is about to release. You can get it free if you’re a newsletter subscriber as I’m sharing all the boys’ POV stories there first. After exclusive newsletter release, they will go on sale at the regular retailers.

Stay tuned for news about Hoax, but remember that newsletter subscribers always get first notice and sneak peeks, so make sure you’re signed up.

Audio is on Sale!

Introductions cover for webIf you’re a newsletter subscriber, you know that we’re working on getting First Days ready to release in audio, so in advance of that releasing later this month or early next, the audio of Introductions is on sale for only $1.99!

You can purchase the entire audio book here – using the coupon code: DCB1LWYK

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First Kiss Release Day!

(Book Ten in the Ghost Bird Series)


The time has finally come for Sang Sorenson to be formally introduced to the Academy. Protocol dictates the boys keep the details of Sang’s official introduction to the Academy a secret from her. The only thing they can advise her to do is to work on what will become her mantra: She is determined to stay with her team, no matter what.

Despite her wishes, however, the boys are second-guessing her place with them, concerned for her safety. With dangers all around and threats closing in, some of the boys are questioning if this is the right time to bring her to meet the Academy at all.

Sang is challenged with being the brave face among them and instilling the confidence needed to keep her with them. However, in order to appear compliant with the Academy’s rules, she has to be willing to listen and try their suggestions. As the boys have suspected and feared, the council wants to see how she’ll work with a different team. An all-girl team. She has no choice but to go along with the proposal or risk losing a shot at the Academy.

But when the Academy’s inner world is revealed to her, Sang knows that she’s finally found her place–somewhere she belongs–and she sees a future with them. The deeper she gets, the more she sees how she can make a difference. Learning what she is capable of and the impact she can have, she feels obligated to help. There’s so few girls, and they need her.

The guys try to stick to their plan, but every team must pay their debts, and the cost of keeping her might be more than any of them can afford.

It’s up to Sang alone to prove to the Academy where she truly belongs–but can she resist the call of a new team that needs her?

The Academy, Inside

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