The Introductions Audio book is here!

A lot of fans have been asking for the books in Audio, so I have had Introductions produced as an audio book experiment and I’m really happy with the result! I I think you’ll agree that Holly Brewer and Chris Ensweiler–two very talented voice actors–did a great job reading the book.

Check out a sample from the beginning:


You can purchase the entire audio book here:

Or from


Introductions cover for web

If you’re new to my books, or just need a refresher, the ebook of Introductions is free for download here or at your favorite book retailer:


Welcome to the brand new Academy Blog!

Hi! Welcome to the new blog! If you visit regularly, you’ll notice that there have been some changes around here as we work toward making this site really user-friendly and a one-stop-shop for you to get all things Academy. We’ve added a new webstore which will include digital books, paperbacks and even merchandise (eventually replacing the Sang’s Closet Etsy store) and audio books as they come available. Please be patient as we work out some of the kinks but I think you’re really going to love  what we have planned. We are going to offer digital books here right on the site, but if you’d rather buy them where you’ve always gotten them, that availability won’t change. Buying them here is just another option.

You’ll notice that on each book page, there’s a purple button that looks like this:

(go on, give it a click – it’s for Introductions, so it’s free)

That’s for the store here, but again, all books will also be available at the regular places.

I’m hoping to keep this blog updated fairly regularly, but newsletter subscribers ALWAYS get goodies first and I will send exclusive content that way, so make sure you sign up if you’re not already a member (the form is at the top of this page).

I promise I won’t give out your info to anyone, except the boys, but they promise not to send you spam, either.

That’s it for now. I will have news soon about the Introductions Audio book as well as release date info for First Kiss.

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