The Week Before Black and Green

Current project: Meeting Sang: Silas (On a small pause in prep for Black and Green release)

Song of the moment: Salty Sincerity DS Remix by Clean Tears

Currently playing: Life is Feudal: Forest Village

This is the part where I hope I didn’t forget anything major in the next book coming out. All plot threads for the book closed? Did Luke forget to comb his hair? 🙂 Nerves? What?

In the next few weeks, I’m looking to continue the Sim videos. I was always disheartened about the quality the videos came out in. I also wasn’t sure about inputting my voice. The learning curve from book writing to video production is different.

But I’m putting effort into learning Adobe Premier, and hopefully, the quality will be much better. Once I learn how to use it. 🙂

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