Last Week of June – Mid Summer Organizing

Favorites of the month:

I’m taking a little time out this summer to rework my OneNote files.

You may have seen in previous cheat sheets about my notes I keep for all of The Academy books. As I’m starting to get to the last few books of Scarab Beetle and the second half of Ghost Bird, the notes I had been taking for each series has become disheveled. Things I swore I’d remember I don’t now, and some small plots got lost along the way.

So the plan is to take a little time out for July and to go back and create better notes. This may push Silas back a little, but the goal is to end up with notes where I’m not having to go back and try to figure out where was that thing that I mentioned (or did I?)

In other words, better stories, and hopefully less time to write them. 🙂

Currently writing (slowly): Meeting Sang: Silas

Current side project: Learning Adobe for video making to make better Sims videos. This may take time. 🙂

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