Hobbies and Updates

Update on Silas: I had an itch to write more toward the end. There was stuff going on that I had forgotten about until I was in editing phase and re-reading Introductions again. So I’m tacking that in. (Normal for me to tack in stuff I forgot to put in.)

So close! And then it goes in for a line edit. So it’ll come soon. If you don’t know, these don’t get a preorder. It comes out free through the newsletter, and then later goes wide, usually for sale for $.99. The date will vary on when I can get the line editor. Once I finish this ending I want to tack on, it should start that process.

I did have emails coming in asking questions outside of the books, ideas to post in this blog. If you have additional ideas or things to add, email me and I’ll try to include them.

One of the questions: What are my hobbies besides writing?

If anyone gives me a chance to talk about video games, I’ll talk your ear off.

Video games take up a lot of my free time. Fallout 4 modded out, Stranded Deep… I’ve been playing Dark and Light. I loved ARK for a long time. I swap out games every now and again, and you’ll probably hear about any new obsessions.

I have thought about doing Play Through videos for YouTube, but like the Sims videos, it’d be done when I get time between writing. It takes a bit of work to put those things out. 🙂 But I have been learning Adobe Premier. I guess this may become another hobby of mine in the future. I like the idea of sharing videos, games or maybe not games. Just for fun.

I also do junk journaling. If you’re not sure what that is, this video will answer:

On top of that I do some traveling, and when I’m gone I’ll collect things to put in the junk journals. Sometimes I go with friends. Lately, I’ve been wanting to just go by myself, mostly for the adventure. Sometimes it is good to just go alone, to go at your own pace and see whatever it is you want to see or do whatever you want. 🙂

And sometimes it is a self-imposed writing retreat. A hotel room to yourself for a few days can really give you just a fresh look on your writing, and also give you some experience if you take time out to explore even just the hotel.

But I am always looking for something new. I like learning about what other people are doing. If you’ve got some unusual hobbies, let me know via email.

August is Gone Already?

August Obsessions

Game: Still in Fallout 4, but also Dark and Light, and also Stranded Deep

Audio: The Hello Internet Podcast

Video: Anne with an E

Other: Fried potatoes. 🙂

Things to know:

Silas is in revisions! This is good, but I also have a cold thingie. Nothing deadly (yet). Just may take off a few days. This is why release dates are elusive. Things pop up.

By the way, Meeting Sang: Silas, as always, gets released via the newsletter first. We’re also trying out Instafreebie for delivery. This will allow you to be able to load the book to your e-reader of choice, instead of having to side load.

I’m also feeling more comfortable with Adobe Premier as well. I’m hoping to get a good head start into Love’s Cruel Redemption and then try to work in getting Sims started up again. Also, perhaps some other reverse harem games, natural or via mods. We’ll see!