August is Gone Already?

August Obsessions

Game: Still in Fallout 4, but also Dark and Light, and also Stranded Deep

Audio: The Hello Internet Podcast

Video: Anne with an E

Other: Fried potatoes. 🙂

Things to know:

Silas is in revisions! This is good, but I also have a cold thingie. Nothing deadly (yet). Just may take off a few days. This is why release dates are elusive. Things pop up.

By the way, Meeting Sang: Silas, as always, gets released via the newsletter first. We’re also trying out Instafreebie for delivery. This will allow you to be able to load the book to your e-reader of choice, instead of having to side load.

I’m also feeling more comfortable with Adobe Premier as well. I’m hoping to get a good head start into Love’s Cruel Redemption and then try to work in getting Sims started up again. Also, perhaps some other reverse harem games, natural or via mods. We’ll see!

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