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If you haven’t been aware, Meeting Sang: Silas, has happened. It was recently delivered via the newsletter.

If you haven’t gotten it, and you’d like to get it and get the others when they come out, go sign up for the newsletter.

In addition, if you didn’t want to download Silas and you wanted to buy it (thank you), it is on preorder. You can find more information: https://clstonebooks.com/meeting-sang/


House of Korba has been released.

Next up: Envy: Scheduled Release Date: 10-28-17

I think Sugar is already out, so we’re just filling in gaps. It’s amazing how fast they were able to come out with each book.

Also, if you haven’t tried it yet, if you’ve bought the ebooks on Amazon, you actually may be able to get the audiobook at a steep discount. Go to the book page on Amazon you want the audibook for, see if when you click on “Digital Download” what the price is.

At Audible, prices can vary, but you may get a better deal going through Amazon. For example, Thief is free, and for a lot of people, the audiobook ends up being $1.99. Sometimes it is $7.99. At Audible, it may be $15 or $20 for the book, so you’ll get a really good deal just going direct with Amazon.

As I Write – Read books free before they are published.

I wanted to introduce you all to a project I’ve been contemplating doing over a couple of years now and I’m finally just jumping in and doing it.

Writing the Academy books takes some time. The writing process slows down a little because I have to backtrack, check notes, check changes around Charleston. The books are very long, too. I love them. I like giving you all details and weaving in a story that you’ll enjoy for years and years.

The editing side is a little slow, so it takes time to piece it together. Especially for books where the word counts are 120,000+ on occasion. Editors, line editors and proofreaders need weeks to check it out and get back to me. If you ever wondered why trade published books take so long, you know their process could take a year or two. Luckily within a few months, I’ve got another book on the way.

But in between those times, sometimes I’m antsy and I want to write. I want to write something new, fresh, and it gets out you pretty quickly. But I wouldn’t want people paying for this. Prior, I talked about doing something similar but in Kindle Unlimited, but a lot of people aren’t in KU and don’t really use it, so to use it just for this seems over the top.

As I Write will have new sections of books I’m writing on the side, where you get to read them as I’m working on them. When I complete a couple of chapters that week, I’ll polish them as best as I can, but remember they will be drafts. However, you’ll get to see how things develop.

But this is a chance for people to read some stuff, and it gives me a little outlet to just go crazy and write a sparked idea.

I am aiming for once a week, although it could be once every two weeks if people prefer slightly longer editions but at a slower pace. Part of the experiment is working out the best way for delivery, the frequency and how it works.

This isn’t a serial, this is sections of novels, a couple of chapters. There may be cliffhangers. There may be times when it is only one chapter, it is just super long.

If you aren’t interested in waiting and just want to read when they are completed, after they are done, I will put them for sale on Amazon, iBooks and the usual publishers (after any revisions or editing). You can wait to read the completed ones, or go back, download all the pieces.

Just know those pieces won’t be as polished as the real deal. But, free, yeah?

The newsletter is absolutely free, but I’ll include a couple of ads in the newsletter itself on occasion just to help support it a little, and also there’s a (completely optional/if you want) Patreon. There are a few rewards for Patreon supporters but this doesn’t affect the delivery of the newsletter at all. I’m doing the newsletter because I want to, the Patreon is if you want to.

Right now I’m going to start with a couple of stories I’ve been tinkering with between books. One of the first ones will be Favored, as I wanted to extend it and add new scenes.

The second one will be something completely new. I will be doing both at the same time, so it is essentially two stories to read the pieces of each week. As one finishes, it’ll be followed up by another one behind it. So far, I have lined up fantasy romances as one, and some contemporary romances for the second option, so hopefully a little something for most tastes.

I’m sure there will be questions. 🙂 I’ll be working through kinks. If you’re interested, there’s a separate newsletter:  http://eepurl.com/c8dL91

If you just want to know when the books are completed and will be published, stick with the main newsletter: http://eepurl.com/03SZj

If you want to support the endeavor, try Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/asiwrite

If you decide to support, there are different tiers.

At a $1 a month, as books are completed, you’ll get the final delivered to you via email as thanks for supporting while I was working on it. So if I write two books on the side at a time, and they take about three months to complete, you’re getting each finished book for $1.50.

For $10 a month, you’ll get a chance to let me know how you want the story to go. I’ll email surveys about different ways the story could go and I’ll let majority rule on certain points. I’ll also send a little something directly in the mail each month as a thank you.

In addition, if you’re really very generous, there is a $30 a month option. This does include everything in the other tiers. With this, you’re also sent a monthly item (mug, tote, custom notebook, it changes each month and sometimes corresponds with something that got released) exclusive to Patreon supporters. You’ll also get to put a message inside each edition of As I Write.

More details are on the Patreon page. Some things may change for it, but we’ll work on that. 🙂

Things may change with all this, so expect some bugs and hiccups at the start and thanks for being patient. 🙂


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