Update, a little Q&A and the Community

Happy Weekend Everyone!
This is just a quick update to say a very, very big thank you for the launch of As I Write.

I wasn’t really sure how many people would be interested in rough draft chapters of books as I’m writing them, but it turns out, over two thousand of you are. 🙂 That is fantastic for me to see.

Out of everything I am doing, I love just writing stories. So being able to write a little more and share it immediately just gives me wiggly sparks all over. :p

I also wanted to update you all on two things:

ONE: I’m mid-LCR. Like over the 50% mark, which is good. I’m also not traveling over the holidays like I usually do, so I should be able to hunker down and complete. It’ll still have to go through the usual editing but wanted to give you all an update there.

TWO: After you all emailed me asking about Tempest, the next book in Scarab Beetle, I wanted to let people know, usually it is two Ghost Bird books to one Scarab Beetle book. So we had Hoax and then we had Black and Green, so it should go Love’s Cruel Redemption, Tempest, and then next GB book.

However, I decided I, too, am antsy for it, so while the GB book is in editing, I’m going to go ahead and start on Scarab Beetle super early. Usually I give myself time off between books to allow editing process to go through, but since I’m hunkered anyway, may as well stay here. :p


There are a couple of questions that have popped up now and again.

  1. Are there going to be Academy updates in As I Write?

The answer is, I didn’t really have plans for that. See, Ghost Bird is mid-series, and the books are complicated to write. There are times when I scrap many, many chapters because the direction I was going in wasn’t working. I also tend to add a lot of scenes between drafts.

Basically, you’d get a mess. Even beta readers have trouble at times keeping up with which scenes stayed and which got removed. So imagine 2000+ people with copies of chapters that never really needed to stay in the books, or things changed so much. Such confusion!

It’s the same with Scarab Beetle books. For some reason, it is a little easier with the books I’m placing in As I Write, though. While scenes may be added from draft to final, I don’t think it would be much, and probably a lot less confusing. 🙂

However! That doesn’t mean you won’t see Academy things in the newsletter in the future. For example, one of the ‘rewards’ in the Patreon is if we get 1000 contributors, I’ll include a brand new Academy series in the newsletter.

It’s a long shot, and I may not even wait for that if I get antsy to write something new, but the option is there. An old one would be difficult, a new one would be much easier. 🙂

2. I’m not able to get the newsletter! I’m subscribed, and I can’t seem to get it!

I’m hearing you. Unfortunately with the unreliability of email, sometimes it gets stuck in the Internet highway and other times it is the newsletter delivery system.

I’m looking at alternatives, one being a chatbot that will delivery the story updates via Messenger. This way, you’ll get a message from me the moment a newsletter has become available, and you’ll get a link to it. I’m also looking at alternative ways for delivery. And if you’ve missed one, check out the previous newsletters here (http://us6.campaign-archive.com/home/?u=53ac49471b6926ba116c43b8a&id=12f9e52597)

Community Things!

A long update blog just to say a big thank you to the reader community in general. If anyone may have noticed in my books, I generally love a ‘work together and support’ type of community and this has resonated so much even outside of the books.

With the tragedies that have occurred from around the world, I’m always in awe of those who come together to help out. Sometimes it is just moral support, and sometimes we have people actively on the ground or giving donations to those in need.

And with so much happening, I am amazed at how everyone continues the support. Between the different groups on Facebook, the forums, and just those that send email to let me know what’s going on, I wanted to thank everyone who reaches out to me and allowing me to help where I can as well.

So basically all of that to say thank you!


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