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As you can see, I’m making a few changes to As I Write.

I heard from readers who were having trouble getting the newsletter delivered.

I heard you, and I’m doing what I can to see if you can get notifications another way. Part of it was moving the content of the newsletter to this website.

I’m going to be doing some updates here. In the next couple of weeks, I’m developing a way to send push notifications to your phones or browsers, so you’ll get updates that way. They are generally more reliable. To make it work, it is just easier to put updates here on the site.

The newsletter will still be in operation, mostly as an optional notification method. It’ll simply remind you to check here in the future. You can stay subscribed if you’re happy with getting the newsletter, and it will link you to this blog. (stops me from doubling up on work :))

I’ll also keep adding previous download links here on this blog as well. If you ever miss a week, you can now just check the latest edition, and you’ll see links below.

That said, as this week is Thanksgiving in America, I’m going to put off the next newsletter for one week. Look for it to restart the week of the 4th in December. If you’re part of this tradition, have a happy Thanksgiving, and for those who are not, much love to you and have a great weekend. 🙂

Questions? Feel free to use the contact form on this website or email me directly at


Also, there will be more changes in the future, but I’ll release that information as we go and each thing becomes available.

For now, I’d like to invite everyone to check out:


I’ve started loading designs into a Zazzle shop. Zazzle allows anyone to start a shop with custom designs. As you can see, I started with a mug for Favored.

The best part about Zazzle is that even though I’ve uploaded this design, you can still customize this mug!

When you look at the shop, there will be a customize button. You can add your name, your favorite quote from the book, add a pic of your favorite puppy or anything you can imagine.

In the future I hope to add more items, more designs, etc. I’ll feature them here in the updates. Feel free to share with me what you’ve done with the mug, if you’ve added quotes. I’d love to include photos in the future newsletters.




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