From the Nether – A Late April Update!

So much happening this month everyone! And in the next few months!

Love’s Cruel Redemption will be out in May. So excited that you all will finally get to read this!

Favored is already up and available on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. Don’t forget to check it out. If you followed along in As I Write, you’ve probably got everything. This is the same, just a few editing tweaks but nothing that would change the story significantly.

In addition, I was participating in a fun fairy tale project. My story, The Girl in the Bearskin, is based off of one of my favorite Grimm stories. It is a complete story in itself. I haven’t done one of those in a long, long time. So it was fun to try to wrap up everything nicely in the single book.


TEMPEST is on my radar next. I’m getting my notes together to start doing a rough draft over the summer.

AS I WRITE will be continuing, but it is on hold for now. There were a few issues with how it was handled prior. Not bad things, just inconvenient. I’m working on a better delivery and notification system but had to kind of pause the progress trying to get Love’s Cruel Redemption into the pipeline and ready to go. I’m looking at the best method to where it is simple for me to upload and go, and for you to learn about it and download.

I’m working on it and very excited to see what form it’ll become!

I’ll be doing a bit of traveling as well this summer, so I might find a place to post pics of this somewhere. Instagram maybe?

Not a lot of info in this one, just that things are coming along. Thought it might help at least to know things are going well.  I hope everyone will be looking forward to May, and to the summer ahead!