Updates for November – As I Write Resurgence and …bigger news?

I am still working on/writing the next Academy book/still in progress. (DON’T WORRY, I’M WORKING ON IT. THANK YOU FOR BEING PATIENT WITH ME.) 

I wanted to get that out of the way before anyone asked about it. 🙂 Okay? Okay.

Updated news, you might notice this page has updated:

As I Write

A few changes:

I’ve added Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest delivery systems! If you frequent a site, you can follow me and get posts/updates to your favorite stories that I’m loading online.

I have goals (read below for more details). But I’d essentially like to have most, if not all of my books in the future posted for free in this way (yes, including Academy). (Wait, what?) Yes, Academy books posted chapter by chapter instead of waiting eons for the next 100k word monster to get out and be completed. HOWEVER, I have to meet certain goals, okay? And yes, you can help me.

There will be ads. This will be how I can make this work. I’ll try not to get ridiculous about it. These ads only show up in As I Write areas. If you’re in the normal CL Stone newsletter or Facebook page, you’ll get the normal just updates from me and no ads. We’ll keep it separate.

I’m working on my delivery process. I had a few problems with the old delivery system, basically it was umpteen steps every week to get you guys an update. For now, I think what I can do is link you all to chapters using Google Docs, as well as try to post sections directly to Facebook/Instagram, etc. (I don’t know how this will work! You’ll see experiments from me. Hang in there.)

This all may change as we go, okay?

Wait, how are we getting Academy online? And for free??!?!

Essentially, thanks to you all and continued support with people buying books regularly, I make enough now that I have time to try this out.

This has been my goal from the beginning. FROM DAY ONE.

My ultimate goal is to post stories online and never have to let you guys pay for any more stories, but I still make enough of an income that I can live on via ads. (Audiobooks excluded, as…well, they’re expensive to make and Brilliance will continue to create audiobooks for the Ghost Bird/Scarab Beetle books.) Also, if I ever sell a book to a major book publisher, those won’t be free. But! Those might be rare and far between.

That doesn’t mean the books in the future may never go onto Amazon/ Barnes, etc., okay?  Some people DO prefer to wait until books are done and uploaded to their favorite retailers. Once a Ghost Bird/Scarab Beetle book is completed, it’ll be collected and posted in the usual spots until the collections are completed.

This is my chance to get books out there online for free, and the edited/revised versions may be found in the future on Amazon for you to buy/download and keep.

I don’t know when I’ll start with uploading Academy things. I’m in an experimental mode now so I’m using other stories to test. However! You’ll for sure see updates from me about it as we go.

If that all sounds good to you, that’s great! 🙂 But here is what I need from you:

  1. Sign up on As I Write Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest and newsletter. (Use whichever one you’d like.)
  2. Share with friends who like free stories.
  3. Comment and like on the stories you actually love.
  4. Show support for any sponsored posts.

That’s it! 🙂 That’s all I’ve got. As we grow, you know how this works, I’ll be able to charge more on ads. Basically once the income is replaced, I can just continue to write for free this way and the books for sale will just be if you happened to want it that way.

This might take a while. 🙂 It may never happen that I can take Academy books (Ghost Bird and Scarab Beetle) into this free mode completely (make free versions available online). However! I plan on trying my best and to put any future Academy series online this way. I just a few dollars for coffee, okay? Coffee = stories get written.

This is an experiment, okay? Goal is free stories forever, with ads for income. I’ll fix as I go. Anyway, thank you all very much for reading this.  If you read all the way down here, YOU are my favorite. Thank you. <3 If I haven’t answered something you’re curious about here, you can email me (clstone@arcatopublishing.com). Just no asking for when the next book is out. 🙂 You know as soon as I do. I’m not good at secrets.