What’s Going on July?

Hey everyone! It’s been a bit of a weird summer for me for different reasons. Adjusting to the headaches and trying to figure out how to work around them has been lots of trial and error. A few other things have been happening, including a new puppy (a Golden Retriever\Boston Terrier mix girl named Charlie), a pet to help ease a bit of anxiety (which was possibly triggering headaches) and basically forces me to get outside to walk and seek fresh air daily.

In any case, as will be obvious in the newsletter, there are many things happening!


This is a bit of a surprise, but two years ago I wrote a book that I gave to various trade publishers at their request. It had been quite a while since I heard a response and instead of having it linger for longer, I asked for it to be returned to publish it myself.

So I found myself with this book that I wasn’t quite sure what to do with. It had been two years and I’d even forgotten parts of the book.

Then I was tinkering with Smoking Gun, a book I’ve had for a while, the second book I ever officially wrote (the first one hasn’t been published), and something connected in my brain to link them in a series.

In a women’s revenge series called Charleston’s Leading Ladies, Evelyn, Celeste, and Rainee come together after several terrifying events lead them to seek help. Once they make their plan and work together, the boys are done for.

The series starts with Evelyn, (the book I wrote two years ago) sharing her story about what happened and why she’s looking for revenge. The whole series is set in Charleston, in a similar universe as the Academy series. While these aren’t Academy books, you’ll still see some familiar characters within the pages.

In the future, we’ll have a re-release of what was Smoking Gun, rewritten as Celeste for this series as book two. It’ll be similar in what happens, but enough might change to want to re-read the new version if you’ve read the previous one. If you’ve already purchased Smoking Gun, don’t worry, you’ll get the option to update your copy with the new version. If you’d like to get the old version for whatever reason, this will be made available.

Evelyn is coming out soon (July 23rd). Celeste should be out later this year. Rainee will probably be out mid next year, along with the concluding final book in the series showing up shortly after.

Question: weren’t you supposed to be working on Academy things?

Answer: All three books (Evelyn, Celeste, Rainee) were already finished. As mentioned, Evelyn was written two years ago, Celeste is basically a rewrite of another published book to match the series, Rainee is actually an old book that just never fit with anything else. Now it has a home. The only book left to write is the finale, which should be concluded by next summer (taking up the usual Scarab Beetle slot since it used to be my summer book to write).

Basically, these were done and just hanging around. I figured why let them sit here waiting for a time slot after Academy things when we can just push them now. 🙂 But I do hope you enjoy them. It has been fun to play inside my own “Charleston world” and see what else is happening around town.


We’re getting close to being able to announce a release date in the future for Tempest. I’m waiting on a few things (like my own revisions, and some coordination with audiobook people to try to time a release the same day) that make the process for Academy books take a lot longer than it used to, even when I’m done with the drafts.

We’re getting there. Promise.

But if you haven’t seen the sneak peek for TEMPEST and the cover reveal, go check out the latest newsletter which has links. (And make sure you’re signed up so you get all the latest information.)


The below information is subject to change and exact dates aren’t available yet. I don’t like giving dates unless I’m 300% absolutely sure it’s right. So unless you see it on official channels like this website or the newsletter, everything else is rumors.

Right now, it’s:

  • Evelyn
  • Celeste/Tempest (Sometime in Fall. Kinda about the same time, although one might be moved right before or right after the other, it more or less depends on coordination dates for Tempest with audiobook people and if that happens. It might not.)
  • Meeting Sang: Gabriel (Probably Christmas again)
  • Unsung Requiem (I want to say early 2020, but again, coordination with audiobook people might push this even further back.)
  • Final Scarab Beetle Book (…Spring? Maybe?)
  • Rainee (Mostly a revision, won’t take too long)
  • Final Charleston’s Leading Ladies book (written during summer so might be released…early fall?)
  • Next Ghost Bird
  • Next Meeting Sang

Most books after Charleston’s Leading Ladies and Scarab Beetle ends might just be me finishing up Ghost Bird and Meeting Sang, with the occasional other random book I might have from As I Write on WattPad. I don’t have plans for anything else to fill the usual Scarab Beetle book slot at the moment. Mostly hoping after that to get to the end of Ghost Bird. After that, I’m thinking of taking a short break just to clear my head and to see what’s next to do. 🙂 Just a head’s up on my plans for the coming years.

Keep in mind I also want to get back into spending the occasional weekend adding to As I Write books over in WattPad (Link: https://www.wattpad.com/user/clstone ). When one finishes, it gets removed (eventually) to be finalized and put for sale later (probably posted free to newsletter followers as a thanks for hanging out with me). These might weave a way in between the book schedule above, but shouldn’t interfere with any projected projects.

Some changes may occur, like if headaches put off some dates, or you know the occasional life events that happen. I’m just sharing my hopes for the next year. We’ll take a look in a few months to make any adjustments.

I’ve probably forgotten a few details here. Feel free to email me with any questions. I do try to get to emails as soon as I can. Thanks!