An Important Message

This is a repost from Facebook, as I realized some people aren’t on Facebook and this also connects to Good Reads, etc. Just a copy/paste from the Facebook message.

Hi everyone,How are you doing?

I know it’s been a tough year for us all. There’s a lot going on. I picked a bad couple of months to keep my head down and finalize some projects, because it feels like every day there’s a new story unfolding.

There are a few things I’d like to mention.

First and foremost:

Black lives do matter and right now, they really need to hear from you in particular. If you’re reading this, you’re included. Donate to anti-hate charities of your choice if you can. If you can’t amplify the ones you support and let others know how they can help. Reach out to black people in your community, your friends, coworkers, family, that one guy that walks by with his dog, all of them, let them know we hear it and we want to show support.

While everyone does matter, we need everyone to know black people matter, they are valued part of this whole human race. They need amplification right now.

To my black readers, in whatever ways I can support, I’m doing so.Second, and I place this second on purpose because it is less important than the first message but wanted to say it: It’s come to my attention that some readers are becoming angry at writers who aren’t saying anything about this at this time.

Just know many writers have tried to be generally nonpolitical with their writer blog/platforms. It’s hard to jar that notion out of years of habit. Some may not even live in the United States and aren’t sure if they should say anything, and some authors’ social media are run by multiple people or through a publisher and they don’t have direct access.

Some don’t have a PR team and are just afraid to offend everyone by saying things incorrectly. Some might have been offline since COVID and trying not to let news distract them from writing. I do not blame anyone who maybe can’t say things. We don’t need any more hate and anger at this moment towards people we don’t know personally.

However, for writers who might be reading this, if you were wanting to say something but have had the same ‘nonpolitical’ stance, while there’s no pressure, anti-hate, anti-racism messages should not be considered ‘political’, your black readers need to hear from you at this moment, if you can. It should be very clear in such times that you’re against racism. Welcome them, let them know you support them.

On a very smaller side note, while I was going to post a newsletter (minor updates! Don’t worry), I wanted to get this message out there ahead of it, as I dislike putting those things together and feeling like I’m pandering. No one wants that. Hope that makes sense, so I’m delaying the newsletter a few days just to make the above message clear.

Everyone please be safe, too. And don’t spread hate. Support.