Book List

This page contains the reading order for all series.

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The Ghost Bird Series – Young Adult Romance 

  1. Introductions
  2. First Days
  3. Friends vs. Family
  4. Forgiveness and Permission
  5. Drop of Doubt
  6. Push and Shove
  7. House of Korba
  8. The Other Side of Envy
  9. The Healing Power of Sugar
  10. First Kiss
  11. Black and Green
  12. ??? (Books 12 and beyond to be announced)

Also: Touch of Mischief (Halloween Short read after House of Korba) and Sound of Snowfall (Winter Short, spoiler chapter for First Kiss)

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Meeting Sang is a companion miniseries featuring a boys’ POV version of Introductions.

The Scarab Beetle Series – New Adult Romance 

(You don’t need to read the Ghost Bird series to read this one.)

  1. Thief
  2. Liar
  3. Fake
  4. Accessory
  5. Hoax
  6. Tempest (coming soon)

Other Books

Favored (New Miniseries, and starter book is released in an anthology released in December 2016)

Smoking Gun (Single Title)

Spice God (Single Title)

Chronological Reading Order (by Release Date)

Smoking Gun (Not recommended, needs revisions but if you REALLY need to read books in order, like me. ;))

Spice God


First Days

Friends vs. Family

Forgiveness and Permission

Drop of Doubt


Push and Shove


House of Korba

Touch of Mischief


The Other Side of Envy


The Healing Power of Sugar

First Kiss

Meeting Sang: Kota


Meeting Sang: Victor

Favored (Mini-Series starter)

Black and Green

Meeting Sang: Silas