As I Write


As I Write is a (not regularly) posting of chapters of books I’m working with.

When I’m not writing Academy books, (weekends, waiting on beta readers and editors, etc), I usually dabble in new stories.


I just enjoy creating, so As I Write is a chance to read the books as I’m writing them for these other books I work on.

I post chapter updates on occasion to the newsletter and now to social media. They will be rough drafts. (Because of how I do this, it’s just me writing and revising. Expect errors.)

You can choose to read as we go, wait a few weeks and read batches at a time, or wait for the story is done and read all at once.

The choice is up to you!

This is for people who love serial stories, or free books, or if you just can’t wait to get that next piece of a book. It’s something to look forward to at semi-non-regular intervals. 

Stories are told a chapter or a couple of chapters at a time. The newsletter lets you know when the next one is posted.

THERE ARE NOW MORE OPTIONS! Choose where you’d like to get updates.

The Newsletter (sent once a week if there are any actual story updates)

Facebook – Updated instantly

Instagram – Updated almost instantly (I have to play with the formatting for this one, so it takes me an extra minute.)

Pintrest – Updated when Instagram is updated. (These are linked, so it’s up to your preference!)

(I may add Twitter and other platforms as we go. I’m just starting out. :))




  1. I generally work on a few stories at the same time.
  2. Try the stories out, and look for updates via the newsletter/Facebook/Instagram.
  3. When the story is completed, it’ll remain up in whole for a few weeks as it goes to an editor.
  4. After the editor, the entire story, the final version, gets loaded to Amazon, etc.
  5. If you only want the final version, stick with the normal CL Stone newsletter. You’ll get updated when the book goes up.
  6. This is a work in progress, so if you have improvement ideas, let me know!
  7. The newsletter, etc., are always free.

I may load Academy stories to this. I’m still working that out. You’ll be notified well before if one is going to be coming along. It might just be the follow up series after Ghost Bird and Scarab Beetle are complete. It might just be bonus stories or cut scenes or added short things. I was thinking of revising Smoking Gun into an Academy story, starting there, and seeing how it goes.

However, if I get loads of requests to add current series to this, it might happen. It depends on a few factors.

There are no deadlines or regular postings. I get to it when I can. It could be twice a week. It could be once a month. It could be ten times in one day.

What is uploaded is random. This is to give me more freedom to do what I’m inspired and to be able to switch things up for myself. Sometimes it is a new book cover or art piece related to a story I’m working on. Sometimes it is another chapter to something I’m working on. It could be I post nothing for weeks and then I post all kinds of stuff in one day.

There will be ads on occasion. This helps support the continuation of free stories.

Sharing is permitted! But please keep the pages in tact, okay? Let them know they can sign up here and get updates free. Also, I’ll make a complete book posted for free when I’m done with any story, so if you want the whole thing, just wait.

I don’t answer questions about the current books in progress. Honestly because I probably don’t know. This is ‘as I’m writing’ so there are a lot of things I’m working out. Also, I’m probably writing and trying to upload content so I’ve limited how much I can talk about.

There are going to be mistakes. Epic mistakes. I’m the only one who looks at these before they are released. No editor or proofreader. If I complete a book that gets put into a published work, those get an editor and proofreader. (This helps keep this part free, okay? Forgive the mistakes.)

I don’t have age restriction on this website. The assumption is that you’re old enough to be on here and you have permission or you’re an adult and don’t need permission. In any case, content here ranges wildly in nature. Use your own discretion.

Rules will change as we go. I don’t know what might happen. 🙂 This is experimental for me.

For the long explanation on what I’m up to, read this here:


Current stories in As I Write:


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