Charleston’s Leading Ladies

Evelyn—Eva—Lacroix is desperate for a fresh start after her life goes fubar, thanks to her drug-dealing boyfriend getting busted. She hadn’t even known what he was up to, but no one will believe she’s innocent when all signs point to her.

Time for a location change.

Eva starts her new life at the side of the road, hitchhiking in the kind of heat that would melt steel and nearly her resolve.

Never one to pass up a chance to help a damsel in distress, Ace Waris picks her up on his way to Charleston. But he quickly learns this damsel is on the run from the law. Ace promises to help her, but could use a favor in exchange if she’s willing: he needs a little help with a rival. Can Eva be the distraction?

At first, Eva feels it’s a fair trade, but something doesn’t add up. Distrustful of Ace, she seeks out his enemy, Loïc Courteau, to discover the truth. That truth? Not at all anything she might have dreamed up.

It’s not about revenge, but a sensual game with high stakes, and she’s the new pawn.

What the boys don’t know is that Eva is not willing to lie down for anyone. Maybe it’s time the boys of Charleston were put in their place.


NOTE: This book was originally published as Smoking Gun. It has been significantly updated and is now the second in the Charleston’s Leading Ladies series.

Celeste Logan’s never had a real career. But she’s known as the sweetheart of Charleston after being the face of father’s upscale real estate company. She’s been in commercials since she was old enough to sit on his knee and beam her adorable smile and big doe eyes at the camera. 

Now she’s grown, but her legacy as the adorable kid on TV lives on. When her father dies under suspicious circumstances, she tries to prove it wasn’t an accident. But no one takes her seriously, treating her like the child she once was. Not even her best friends, the people she’s grown up with, really think she’s got any evidence. She’s sure her father was murdered and she’s double sure Mr. John Dixon, her father’s jerkwad, right-hand guy, had something to do with it. Maybe everything.

The months tick by as she’s still trying to piece it together alone, getting nowhere. Until Diego Ramirez shows up. He’s a clever, seductive, private detective. But the rub? He’s working for Mr. Dixon as a security consultant. What is he helping Mr. Dixon to hide? Still, he’s a good private dick with an open mind and starts to think maybe Celeste is onto something with her theories about her father’s death. Especially after several attempts on Celeste’s life make him think someone might be trying to silence Celeste. Forever.

But can Celeste trust Diego when he’s on Dixon’s payroll? And can it be a coincidence that the attacks on her life only started after Diego came on the scene?

Will Celeste ever see justice served in her father’s murder? Or is she about to be the victim of her own? And is Diego right, when he says it could be one of her own closest friends?