The Ghost Bird Series

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Introductions (Free for download)

First Days

Friends vs. Family

Forgiveness and Permission

Drop of Doubt

Push and Shove

House of Korba

Touch of Mischief – A Ghost Bird Series Halloween Short Story

Sound of Snowfall – A Ghost Bird Series Winter Short Story

The Other Side of Envy

The Healing Power of Sugar

First Kiss

Black and Green (late 2016)

Books 12 – 20 + (to come)


Ghost Bird Bundles

If you’re new to the Ghost Bird Series, here’s a way to get the books at a lower cost.

Ad1 - CopyGhost Bird Omnibus Part I: Books 1 – 4 


First Days

Friends vs. Family

Forgiveness and Permission


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Ghost Bird 2 bundle cover RPG ColorGhost Bird Omnibus Part II: Books 5 – 8 (Includes Touch of Mischief – the Halloween Short Story)

Drop of Doubt

Push and Shove

House of Korba

Touch of Mischief

The Other Side of Envy


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Also, check out the Meeting Sang series – the boys’ POV stories that run concurrently with Introductions.

Meeting Sang

Not a day goes by that I don’t get e-mails asking what my characters—especially the boys—are thinking at certain parts in the books. My fans seem to be endlessly interested in the thoughts and feelings of these fascinating boys, especially in relation to their new friend, Sang Sorenson.

To that end, Meeting Sang is the answer to this huge fan demand of wanting to get inside the boys’ heads. This alternate point of view version of Introductions, the first book in the Ghost Bird Series, starts with Kota, then Victor, and will continue on in a series of shorts that will follow all the boys.

I hope you enjoy these peeks into the minds of Kota, Victor, Silas, Nathan, Gabriel, Luke, North, Dr. Green, and Mr. Blackbourne as they meet Sang Sorenson for the first time.

The stories are released free to subscribers. Make sure you’re on the list!


If you’re new to my books, you may want to start with Introductions, which is free for download.




Kota Lee has been trying for weeks to get the girl up the street to notice him. She’s beautiful and intriguing, but seems incredibly shy. Too shy. Every time he tries to get close, she dodges him, like a skittish little bird, flittering away out of his reach.
Troubled by her haunted looks, he’s tried to give her some space, respect her need for solitude. Still, he can’t forget those eyes that are haunted and–he thinks–maybe hiding secrets.
One dark night as thunderclouds are rolling in, he’s driving home late and spots her standing in the road. It’s too late for her to be out for a walk and the pack on her back tells him what she’s doing: she’s about to run away.
She could get hurt, or worse, disappear forever. He can’t let her go; he’d never forgive himself if he did.

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Victor Morgan hides from the public whenever he can. It’s not that he’s a recluse; he hides to avoid rumors and throngs of teen girls throwing themselves at him because of his fame. When his team of friends is assigned a job at a new school, it’s his one chance to finally be just Victor; not a local celebrity, or that guy whose parents have a huge house and lots of money. He wants to be normal, to be able to blend in and not worry about what everyone else is thinking or what they may want from him.

Things change when he meets Sang Sorenson. She’s beautiful and clever, though she hides her intelligence behind a veil of shyness and insecurity. But with just a look, she makes him say the stupidest things.

Only things are wrong in her world. She’s hiding something dark and terrible, the evidence of it in her haunted eyes. He barely knows her, but he’d give everything to help and protect her. Whatever it takes to keep her safe, he’s in.

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